Who We Are

Susana Santos brings passion and boundless enthusiasm to her work. Her boutique event-planning firm embraces both the largest and smallest events with equal amounts of inspiration, creativity and precision.

Growing up in a large Portuguese –Canadian family in the Algarve, Susana learned to appreciate the subtle balancing act of the art of entertaining. From organizing big family gettogethers, to setting an exquisite table, to jumping into the kitchen with her family and stirring up a delicious meal, to always keeping the conversation flowing – these were skills deeply ingrained in her from childhood.

Susana’s path in event planning started in 2008, after she completed her masters in Event Management. She started as a wedding planner. This is something she loves to do as there is nothing more rewarding then taking part of someone’s special day and making dreams come true!

She then expanded her expertise and knowledge by joining the leading catering company in the Algarve as an event & logistics manager, which have enabled her to learn how to successfully organize & cater for multiple events at the same time and perfecting the ins and outs “behind the scenes”. This has led her to where she is now with her own event planning company. She loves a good challenge and believes that “everything is possible” and loves to think outside the box. So, any idea you may have, you can be rest assured Susana will do her very best to make it happen! All of these elements are blended effortlessly in her work and she brings warmth, confidence and personalization to all the celebrations that she produces.

Susana individually tailors each event uniquely to the needs and desires of each client. Her work ethic and her hands-on management throughout all phases of the planning and execution process has garnered her a prominent place in the industry.